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Our Mission

Gevania Records mission is to work with Independent Artists in music, creative singing, role models, and help them through their stepping-stones to SUCCESS.

Our productive collaboration group of Producers, Composers, Singers, Songwriters are available to assist with demo vocal guides, to work with a program of commercial lyric templates, and composers to assist with compositions of arrangement and melodies.

We are here as a SUPPORT TEAM by way of collaboration with others, and to help them achieve self esteem, confidence and focusing in the learning development of music.

Maybe we can all sing a song, but we are not stars been found, and our AIM is to let the world hear your voice and music, then the public can be the Judges whether they like our music or not. If we cannot do it then who can?

By collaborating with our Production Group, self-publishing under our label, this is a team effort to get up-and-coming stars through the doors that do not open easily without help.

However, we'd like to make it clear that we are not a big label like Sony or Virgin Records, we are just a supportive group of qualified musicians and producers that would like to hold your hand and take you through the hurdles of the Music Industry.

We do not manage bookings for venues, but we have associates who do book live performances, and can certainly pass it along.

Our Mission is to hold meetings once a month through an affiliated source forge called Pal talk.

This helps to keep you motivated, learn new skills and find out the rules and guidelines of the Music Industry.  

In addition, we have field support trainers, vocal trainers in different areas to assist you with further vocal training and needs, via the Internet on Paltalk Video & Voice Chat Community 

Furthermore, we are anticipating in holding music festivals in USA, Australia and New Zealand in the near future presented by our partners Gevania Global Entertainment Publishers.

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Gevania Global Entertainment

There are some costs involved -- our members can't work for free, but once you have requested a quote on producing and releasing a CD, we can discuss this person to person.

Confidentiality and Collaboration Agreements need to be signed before any discussion can take place.

We are a loyal, dedicated group that would like to see you succeed in your goal, and not allow people to steal your dreams.

We cannot promise you the world, but we can certainly try to assist you to help you and others to reach the stars and your goals or dreams in your music career or music hobby business.

If you are a newie sign up with this site first then sign up with this one next : 

this is the site where we are all taught the basics to write poetry or lyrics commercially.