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Bree Noble On stage or in the studio, Bree Noble is an outstanding vocal talent. Her fans will tell you that she has the unusual ability to sing everything from Rock ‘n Roll to Opera. Whether she’s performing her lyric-driven pop/rock or a sensitive acoustic ballad, her vocals communicate deep emotion. This classically trained vocalist may even throw in an occasional offering by Bach or Mozart to shake things up.

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Bree Noble collaborated many times with Jenna Vescio on many projects. The two of them were musical gems with their creations between Jenna Vescio's lyrics, poetry and stories and creative directing, with Bree in the presentation of her adaptations, vocals and wonderful music.

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BREE NOBLE: Healing Waters     BREE NOBLE: OverWhelmed    BREE NOBLE: Can You See The Stars    BREE NOBLE & JERRY ALLEN: Little Italian Girl

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