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Brian Kimmell Las Vegas USA

We’ve not managed to put into words what Brian’s fans have already witnessed about him and his music...He has the heart of a saint, and the voice of a diva. Brian shines with a talent and style all his own.

Brian  began producing shows when he was ten years old. Training classically as a pianist and singer, Brian elaborated on his skills, molding his own, unique method that would have rivaled any program at the esteemed Juilliard School. Destined for GREAT-HOOD, Brian moved to Las Vegas in the Winter of 2004.

Brian collaborated with the Late Lohnriver and Jenna Vescio in numerous projects through the Gevania Global Network of music and screen plays.

BRIAN KIMMEL: LOVE2 Journey of the Heart
BRIAN KIMMEL: Soldier [single]
BRIAN KIMMEL: Return to Love