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 CLAUDE DAVIS: Eagle Flying Home

Eagle Flying Home

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Most outstanding music and vocals, singing straight from the heart.

Claude Davis formed the "End Of The Line Band" and started the Double D Production Company. Claude had recorded his first body of work with a group known as "The Gosple Travelers" in 1967. From 1982 until 1990, the End Of The Line grew to be the most well known band in all of New England, and in 1987 made their first trip to California.

After that, the Band really took off. From California to Baltimore, New York to Alabama, the End Of The Line played to packed houses, TV shows, major concert dates, and recorded in Nashville. In 1991, Claude moved to Nashville.

He continued with his love for music, doing session work ( a much sought after bass singer), producing other acts, writing, and traveling occasionally to other states.

In 1998, Claude was inducted into the New England County Music Hall of Fame. He also during this period of time managed to go back to College, earning his degree in Psychology. 

He has recorded two albums in the past year, and is currently working on material for a new project. Look for the 'Note's From Claude page soon to be on the web site. Claude expresses his gratitude for all the help and encouragement he has received over the past few months.

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