Gevania Records

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Denise Jerrido - North Carolina USA


 Denise has many songs on compilation CD's such as "Rainbow Journey" "Little Italian Girl" "Each Step A Miracle"  and performed her wonderful vocals on a CD called "Matthew" in dedication for a young boy who was born with a disability. 
Yvette Denise Jerrido and inspiring singer from North Carolina with the greatest vocals of a Capella you have ever heard. Denise Jerrido collaborated with many singers, composers and writers on a global network called Tonos.

This is Where she met Jenna Vescio Creative Director from Gevania Global Recording Studio. Yvette auditioned for projects in the "Little Italian Girl" musical, which is now published and on the Internet digital music.

So far in Denise's journey, she has met lots of moms, dads, sisters, and brothers, who have made her dream of a large family come true.

One of the songs on this CD is to help a little boy called "Matthew" who suffers from hemi-hypertrophy, which means the right side of his body id bigger than his left side. Matthew also suffers from a very rare bone defect called fibrous dysplasia.

His bones are brittle, cysts form on them, and most devastatingly, and bone deteriorates into tissue. The slightest bump can cause a painful fracture.

Unlike others however, Matthew was one of the youngest recipients in the world to receive an experimental orthopaedic treatment at the Children's Hospital Westmead NSW AUSTRALIA.

Soul music. Music from the soul. Music from the heart. It can come from any genre, any sound, and any body. It just has to touch someone, somewhere, and it has to be true and honest. No disguises. Just clear communication.

Denise Jerrido vocals touch the hearts of many people, with her wonderful Soul soothing voice.