Gevania Records

Label & Publishing


Gevania Records' innovations continued when, in 2000, Jenna Vescio opened an Internet music store and collaborator's music shop, which proved to be a hit with its self-production, self-publishing and record label style merchandising. 

Recording in home studio's teaching others to do the same the Online collaboration increased within the first year to many thousands of Songwriters, composers and Vocalists. 

Gevania paved its way from Australia to Ohio, Texas and then to Berea, Kentucky, USA.

Gevania Records' expansion into the USA was a clever example of creative opportunism involving the procurement of an organization already trading as Gevania Global Publishers.

Entering America without a franchise was a bold move, and it proved successful by integrating unobtrusively into the music community.

By 2004, Gevania Records had created an affiliation with one of the first online retail distribution stores.

 In an effort to increase the scope of available music, Gevania Records offers its listeners titles from undiscovered artists through an affiliation with CD Baby, which assisted in continuing the expansion of distribution with companies like:

Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Buy-Music, EMEPE3, Music-Match, Etherstream, Music4Cents, MP3tunes, QTRnote, NetMusic, Viztas, MSN Music, Loud-Eye, Music-Net, Weed On-line Promo, Rule-Radio, DigiPie, WeedICP – Weed Files, Tower Records, and many more to come.

Many artists we work with do not have the financial backing to get to their goal, so we administer help in achieving that result by selling their works through distribution and mechanical licensing.

We do not allow people to steal our dreams,  we keep on moving down that road until that Big Door opens!

Faith and loyalty plays a big part in collaboration and many things. If we put our trust in our Caretaker.

 He will guide us through rough and good journeys to the other side.

To reach a vision or goal that we have, everything takes time, it does not happen overnight!

We do not make promises that the CDs will sell, the public is the judge of their decisions which music they like to hear.

In 2006 Jenna Vescio returned to Australia, and now is Creative Director of the "Enter Into Our World Global Music Festival organization.