Gevania Records

Label & Publishing

Registered Producers & Music Partners

Administrator and legal issues

Carl Wheeler, Administrator of Royalties Auditing from Distribution Sales, Virtual Office Assistant on legal issues and Director of filming events at festivals. Carl Wheeler is one of the Directors in Gevania Records LLC USA and Gevania Global Publishing Australia. 

Producer- creative director - songwriter and author

Jennarosa a wonderful writer of books and screen plays, also a Creative Producer in music.  Jennarosa enjoys collaborating with other songwriters and shares her experiences to projects by other artists.  Producer of many CD's under collaboration in the Gevania Music Club

Producer-songwriter-registered partner in music

 Bree Noble a wonderful vocalist, songwriter and Producer.Bree enjoys collaborating with other songwriters and lending her unique vocals to projects by other artists. She appears as a guest vocalist on several projects by Indie artists and writers including Jenna Vescio, David Aucoin, Jerry Allen, Allan Licht, Michael Borges.

 Producer -Songwriter and registered partner in music

Jerry Allen, a wonderful Songwriter/Producer who has worked with out team for nearly seven years now.  Jerry has worked with many projects.  Jerry Allen started the new program with Jennarosa in the year 2009 working with Gevania Studio and the new clients that have come aboard.  Jerry is a great assett to have with the business, and is also a Registered Holder in the business. 


Registered partners in music

Janet Brumby wife of John Brumby, once a School Teacher,  has been a great supporter of our program.  Janet is one of our many Registered holders. Janet Brumby has given great support to Independent Artists  Janet is one of our Ultimate Critiques committee and Judges.


Equipment for hire:


John Brumby, is one of our songwriters, registered Member and provides entertainment equipment for hire, for festivals and shows.

John is one of our Ultimate critiques committee and Judges.


Scout and booking agent

Tony Annam one of our Scouts and booking Management team in Queensland Australia.Tony has been with our business for  four years.  Tony also assisted with the Enter Into Our World festival with organizing crews, talent, and Promotional Advertising.


Sound system operator - registered partner in music


Greg Mitchell, is one of Gevania's Registered holders, Lighting and sound technician..  Greg has been with our program for almost three years.  Greg is also involved with acting, and performing in musicals. 


Producer - songwriter- registered partner in music

Denise Jerrido, another Producer, songwriter, vocalist that has been with us for seven years.  Denise has her own unique style of voice that has versatility, colour and soulful genre. Denise worked with many projects for our clients with her wonderful soulful vocals.

Denise is also one of our Registered Holders in Gevania, and she has been a great assett to the business with her business professionalism.


public relations - registered partner in music 

Doug Miller "Yowie Enterprises" is one of our Public Relation Organizers. 

Doug has been associated with our business for over ten years or more.    Doug is another Registered Holder of the business, and has been a great assett to the team. 

Publishing Trustee and Security

Alicia one of our acting publisher Trustees and security advisers. Team and community support at shows, and festivals.

Alicia is a great assett to our program.

Producer and Composer

Corey Fish has worked with our program for several years as a Producer and composer.  Corey has been involved in many of our projects. Corey composes backing tracks for those who cannot compose music tracks for their projects.

 Corey also has a graphical background for web designing.

Registered Partner

Lohnriver (the late Eddy Lohn) and Martha Lohn.  The Late Eddy Lohn was an inspriation to all.  He was our mentor who kept our focus on the importance of real music. Now Martha Lohn the mother of Eddy Lohn is the partner of LohnRiver Music and Gevania.  The Late Eddy Lohn was Gevania's partner in the business and worked very closely with Jennarosa.

Song writer and Vocalist -  Registered Partner

Donna Frost from Nashville, vocalist, composer and songwriter had produced many  demo recordings for our clients and has been a wonderful music friend. Donna Frost has been an inspiration to many of our songwriters in our network.  Check out Donna's website on

Producer and Composer

The Late Joe Pierre was another great Producer in our team and now has his beneficiary Pam Pierre Barnett taking his place.  Joe was always there to help Independent Artists that had no backing tracks for their projects.  He was a great Mentor to our team

Composers required

We need more Producers to join our network of music, to assist with backing tracks for songwriters that cannot compose music.  Work for hire or licensing will be paid to each project.  Also, we require more booking agents for Artists that like to perform.

If you are interested in being part of our collaboration network you can sign up on