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Pam Barnett - Fragrance of Love


Joe Pierre our Co- Producer from California USA.  contacted Gevania Records and said “Jennarosa,  you need to listen to my daughters songs I am sure you would like to put her album together for her”  and he was right, what an opportunity to have Pam a wonderful songwriter and Vocalist in our music family. 

Joe Pierre passed away before the final release of his daughter Pam Barnett’s album, but their music will travel together around the world and live forever.

The Learning process and completion  of this album  has been a joy for Pam Barnett. Produced, sung and written this wonderful Cd of music gems, a great creativity presented by "Pam Barnett".

Pam said; The creativity and enjoyment of the arts maintains the humanity within all of us.  The world should never forget this. There are so many people I wish to thank, for their encouragement, their support and love.  If I have forgotten you then please forgive me.

Many thanks to my husband Tim for supporting my endeavours. Thanks to my son, Macon, sister Tanya, brother Ricky and my parents Joe and  Faye  who seem to love everything I do. Thanks to Hannah Joy Aranda my vocal coach, who helped me find my voice and genre.  Thanks to Ed Aranda who told me whatever I do, it should always be the best. 

Sometimes we need to hear things out loud, that we know in our hearts.  Thanks to Tia who said I should keep writing.  Who knew I would be at this point Tia?   Many thanks to my Golden Avenue School family of students, teachers and parents.  And I always thank God for everything.  

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