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Rudy G - High Society


 Rudy G was inspired to write these songs because of the lack of "real" music. He feels the need to inspire the common man, rather then just simply thugs and gangstas. With all around appeal just about anyone can relate to these songs and will find themselves singing them unknowingly.

Many delays and other projects delayed the release of this cd but it is now available for sale. 

After years of recording music and releasing 3 Indy albums over a four year span. Kane County Rapper and Producer Rudy G did not get the recognition they deserved.

 Rudy G is the heart and soul of Illinois. Wanting to create a CD with quality replay value Rudy G began recording "High Society" in November of 2004 A small tour is also in the works as well as the release of "High Society" in 2006.

As far as where he has been, for the past 2 August's Rudy G has been going to events in downtown Chicago hosted by DJ Crews like the Core DJs, Bumsquad DJs, Soul Selectors, Murder Mami's and the Heavy Hitters.

This past year Rudy G had the opportunity of meeting some pretty big names like DJ Enuff (106 and park), DJ Red Alert, Total Eclipse of the Executioners and southern rappers Stat Quo, and Chamillionare who all showed Rudy G a lot of respect and support.

This past October Rudy G was accepted into Hear My Voice Entertainment's. 



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